Welcome to Lomo Floating Sunglasses

Here at Lomo we have designed what we think are the best value, and coolest range of floating sunglasses available.

We sell our sunglasses and other watersports gear directly to you through our own website in order to keep the costs as low as possible so we can pass these saving on to you.

Our floating sunglasses use only the finest lightweight materials and go through rigorous quality testing before being released to the market. All our sunglasses filter out dangerous UVA and UVB light. All of our floating sunglasses are also polarised. This feature is normally founf in much more expensive products and is almost unheard of at products around this price level.

The polirised lenses help to reduce glare from the sun reflecting off the water and really help your vision on days when the sun is low in the sky.

We take our products direct from our factory and sell to you via our UK website, our own retail outlet in Glasgow and local sales events - thus cutting out the middlemen and all their associated costs.

Our floating sunglasses were designed to fill a gap in the market. Although there is a wealth of sporting sunglasses out there, not many of them float.

This means that if you’re out sailing or kayaking and your sunglasses accidentally fall into water, you have to watch as your expensive shades sink to the bottom of the sea.

Not any more though!
By using high quality, lightweight materials, our sunglasses float. This means they are easily retrievable should they accidentally come off and fall into the water.

Weighing in at around 30 grams; they are comfortable to wear, they look great and our lenses are UV400 rated for protection against UVA & UVB rays.

With 4 different styles, we hope to have floating sunglasses to fit all of our customers’ personalities. From our ultra sporty Laser to our Cruiser sunglasses, we are sure you will find something you'll like. Every pair of our floating sunglasses comes in a handy carry pouch which can also be used as a lenses cleaning cloth.

Laser Floating Sunglasses
Price: £12.50
Wake Floating Sunglasses
Price: £10.00
Turbo Floating Sunglasses
Price: £10.00